Roland Topor

Panic / The Golden Years, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, 1975

Rare sound document of  surrealist vocal experiments in the vein of sound poetry and fluxus. Itwas released in limited edition of 500 copies as an exhibition catalogue for the exhibition of Stedelijk Museum in 1975 dedicated to Roland Topor.
The  complete release, with all 15 inserts in great condition,  is extremely hard to find.

Condition vinyl: Near Mint
Condition inserts: Near Mint
Condition sleeve: Near Mint

€ 130,-

1. b/w photo xerox of Topor by Alina Szapocznikow
2. b/w photo xerox of Topor
3. b/w photo xerox of Arrabal
4. b/w photo xerox of a lesbian couple
5. b/w xerox of a Topor woodcut “Vieille Légende Slave” (1975)
6. b/w xerox of a Christmas card with Topor as Santa Claus flanked by Daniel Spoerri and Robert Filliou
7. b/w photo xerox of a fat man by Roman Cieslewicz
8. a photo of the decaying corpse of a dog by Ad Petersen
9. a b/w xerox of Topor’s passport
10. Oblong sheet with a song or poem titled “La Java d’Eric” (duration: 2h10), 1974
11. card with a collage by Olivier Olivier
12. b/w photo xerox of a woman in stockings lying on a piano
13. a 10×10 inch double sheet with a bibliography in Dutch and French
14. oblong brochure listing Topor’s drawings on display at the exhibition
15. A4 sheet with a list of Topor exhibitions 1967-1975.

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